Kobelco Crane Parts Deals

Genuine KOBELCO Wire Rope and Guy Cable. Huge Factory Discounts - Up to 55% Off Standard Prices. Buy Direct and Save!

These deals end on 30th June 2022. We will have more deals to share with you in the future. 

TRT and Kobelco are bringing our crawler crane customers some huge discounts on genuine KOBELCO wire rope and guy cable lengths, with savings for customers of up to 55% direct from the factory. These prices are so sharp that even the cheap knockoffs are having trouble competing. 

Take advantage and get your order into TRT before the end of the financial year!

Wire Rope and Cables to suit all KOBELCO Crawler Models

  • Kobelco Range of Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes
  • Kobelco G Series Crawler Cranes
  • Telescopic Boom Crawlers
  • Heavy-Duty Base Crawlers

Keep an eye out for our next Kobelco Parts Deals - direct from the factory.

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Hurry, ends 30 June 2022. For prices and advice call now 07 3890 8800


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Crane Information



Preventative Maintenance

The care and maintenance of guy cables and wire rope is critical.  Download the following information from the Kobelco Factory. Check this information against your own crawler crane maintenance programmes. 

Wire Rope

It is essential to maintain your wire ropes as the strands of the wire are under constant stress, strain and friction wear from rubbing against each other. The wire ropes passing through the drums and sheaves where a lot of stress and friction is caused should be inspected on a daily basis.

Find out more about preventative maintenance for wire ropes.

Guy Cables

Guy cable supports the boom, jib and lifting load. Because the cable is holding various weights such as self-weight of attachment and lifting loads, failure of guy cable runs the risk of causing serious incidents on a job site, for example, the boom and jib attachments failing and falling to the ground. Maintenance of guy cables is one of the significant factors for safe operation.

Read more about Guy Cable Maintenance

Why Choose Genuine KOBELCO 

Kobelco wire rope and guy cables use high quality high tensile steel designed to prolong the life of your crane and the critical parts. Cheaper alternatives are usually lower quality steel increasing the risk of preventable wear and failure. 

Read more about Genuine Kobelco Wire Ropes  



Can TRT help with replacement or a maintenance check?

We would be happy to assist with your Kobelco servicing. Yes, TRT has a number of Kobelco factory-trained technicians able to manage a service programme in QLD. We have a network of experienced service technicians throughout Australia and would be happy to talk to you about your fleet requirements, from assisting your team to inspections and rebuilds. Please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements, 07 3890 8800.

Find out more about TRT Crane Service here.