2023 Tri Axle Equipment Semi Trailer

  • Low tare weight of 5100kg
  • Decked in for load flexibility
  • Purpose design mounting modules
  • Safety designed into trailer

Designed to be the first trailer on site to set up the crane.Usually loaded with Crane Outrigger pads, base plate and hook block. Specifically designed mounting brackets are fitted to the trailer to suit these components, that not only makes load/unload safe and easy, but ensures the trailer weighs out legally.

If you are interested in this trailer or have any questions contact us today on 07 3890 8800! 

For the full specifications download the link below. 

5x8 Swing Wing Dropwell

> pdf (1.3 MB)

Spec TRT 3 Axle Equipment Semi Trailer W AU

> pdf (111 KB)

If you are interested in this trailer phone us today on 07 3890 8800 to speak with one of the team or send us a message below!