Grove GMK 5250XL-1

GMK5250XL 1 front left

Grove GMK5250XL-1

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  • Type: Grove All Terrain Crane
  • Max capacity: 250 t
  • Main boom length: 78.5 m
  • Max tip height: 109 m

The GMK5250XL-1 puts power and performance to work for you with high capacities on
a five-axle, all-terrain crane and 78,5 m (257.5 ft) main boom. 


  • Five outrigger positions provide ultimate flexibility for jobsites with the ability to position the crane in tighter spaces.
  • Mercedes-Benz engine and transmission with VIAB turbo clutch for premium maneuverability, optimized fuel consumption and powerful integrated retarder.
  • Jobsite movement with full counterweight saves setup time.
  • The GMK5250XL-1 is designed with a self-rigging auxiliary hoist, saving time and costs associated with operating an assist crane.
  • Available swingaway configurations and extensions provide excellent flexibility and reach with up to 33,8 m (111 ft) and a 50° offset to reach over obstacles.
  • Higher utilization, with load charts usually offered by six-axle cranes.
  • Longest boom in class

For more information on the Grove GMK5250Xl-1 Crane visit the Manitowoc website here


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