CTI and TractionAir Parts

Heavy Duty Wheel Rotor

Heavy Duty Wheel Rotor

Pressure Cell

Pressure Cell



Standard Convention Wheel Rotor

Standard Conventional Wheel Rotor

We offer field and technical service and product support 24/7.

We also have a full reconditioning service on:

  • Pressure Cells
  • Wheel End Rotors
  • ECU (including GPS software upgrades)

We have a pressure cell service exchange option, see more information below.

TractionAir has a range of parts available for repair on all CTI units. 

For a copy of the TractionAir installation manual, you can download it here.

Note: If you have an early TractionAir system we have cost-effective key component upgrade kits so you can have the latest technology without replacing the system.

If you would like to look at replacing your current CTI system please contact us.

TADCCC on Bridge

Standard Conventional Rotor

Product Code: TADCCC

TADCHRHD on bridge

Heavy Duty Rotor

Product code: TACHRDHD



Product Code: TADCEL



Product code: TADCHR

Inner Wheel Hose

Inner Wheel Hose

A = Overall length

From the inner wheel valve stem to rotators - Traction Airhose with straight valve stem hose tail.

Outer Wheel Hose

Outer Wheel Hose

B = Overall length

From the inner wheel valve stem to rotator - Traction Air hose with 180° U bend valve stem hose tail.

Truck External Feed Hose

Truck External Feed Hose

C = Overall length

From the tee between the wheels to wheel rotators - Traction Air with a straight and 45° hose tail.

Bridges are supplied based on the make and model of your vehicle, please notify us before ordering. 

Conventional Rotor Bridge Assembly

  • Rockwell 
  • Fuso
  • Nissan
  • Isuzu
  • Hino

Heavy Duty Rotor Bridge Assembly

We stock all makes and models including:

  • Mercedes-Benz
  • Scania
  • Hubreduction

Pressure Protection Valve

Pressure Protection Valve

Product code: TAPR2-90

This valve protects the integrity of the vehicle's ABS system and must be installed vertically with the white plastic "knob" facing up.

Tee Block Mounting 90

Tee Mounting Block

90° Tee - shown fully assembled

Tee Block Mounting 45

Tee Mounting Block

45° Tee - shown fully assembled

We offer a pressure cell exchange service. 

Send us your damaged unit and we will send you a new pressure cell unit. We will recondition the unit you send and we will only charge for the cost of the repair NOT the cost of the new unit. This is a great backup support option.

We do not recommend purchasing idividual compoents for a pressure cell except for;

  • Filter element assembly
  • Replacement element
Pressure Cell Configuration


Replacement Element Filter

Product Code: TAAFE

Filter Element Assembly

Product Code: TAAF8


To order parts or arrange a quote call Craig on 1800 802 912 or get in touch with us on the link below!