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Quality, fit for purpose truck trailers, heavy haulage trailers, crane trailers, house trailers, floats and low loaders. TRT are leading trailer manufacturers for design and innovation, available Australia-wide.

Low Loaders & Floats

Full range of floats from rows of 8, wideners, extendables, and transporters.

Quad (4 x 4) Trailer

Most Popular! Widening & Steer Options. Designed for Aussie Operators. Ideal for Plant & Equipment!

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Know your payloads? Use our trailer selector table to choose the right low loader.

House Trailers

We are known for our innovative house trailers. See the new electronic steering & modular axle options!

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TRT has new build trailers and low loaders for sale. Check out the latest listings!

ESS Platform Trailers

Exclusive TRT patented technology! Don't accept imitations. We are the modular trailer specialists!

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Crane Support & Boom Dolly - We are the Aussie experts!

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Leading Heavy Trailer Innovation & Design

The TRT range of trailers and low loaders includes deck and axle wideners, swing-wings, with 1 and 2 rear steer and a huge range of options. It also includes house trailers, forklift trailers, and construction tippers. We are also specialists in crane trailer manufacturing across Australia and NZ - this is an extension of more than 50-year history in the Crane industry.

As leading trailer manufacturers, we are known for our innovative platform low loaders with both multiline and the new Quick Connect modular platform designs, ensuring your asset is working harder, every day! 

From your initial consultation and concept to the assembly and testing, you can trust TRT to deliver a heavy transport trailer that will provide a return for your business. TRT are able to work with you from your sketches and specs to create a fully engineered design solution for your payloads now, and into the future.

TRT are leading heavy transport trailer design, engineering and manufacturers in Australia and New Zealand. We have a full range of design, engineering and build capabilities in-house. Our trailers and floats are innovative and designed fit for purpose.


M3 Quick Connect

Platform Low Loaders

From 6 axles to 12 axles, TRT delivers Rows of 8 platform low loaders trailers in fixed-length, widening and the new versatile Quick Connect modular system for maximum load variation and flexibility for your operation! 

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TRT 2x8 widening dolly

Trailer Dollies

Check out TRT’s innovative dolly designs available in both 2x4 and 2x8 configurations fixed width and widening to give you more haulage capability and greater payload options.

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M17 Mine Site Trailer - Axle Widening

Mine Site Trailers

Transporting mine site machinery require different on and off-highway capability and TRT have 40 years experience as trailer manufacturers for mining operations from Western Australia to Laos.

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M17 TRT Forklift Trailer

Forklift Trailers

Designed for purpose, our specialist tandem axle forklift trailers are ideal for loading transporting and unloading of a range of forklift specifications.

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Construction Tipper 2

Construction Tippers

With a genuine 30t capacity and a lighter stronger Hardox™ steel construction, TRT's construction tipper trailer is designed and engineered for performance. It is loaded with features to make the job easier. 

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Trailer Selector Australia

Match your trailer to your payloads! Huge range of options available. Quality trailers at a great price!

Below is a table to guide your selection of the right low loader. All you need to know is the estimated size of your payloads and the tare of your Prime Mover. Options, features, specifications, and example trailer manufacturing drawings are available from the links on the right-hand column.

  • Based on a Queensland Single Permit Trip - unless otherwise specified
  • Adjust the payload tare with your prime mover tare as required

Once you have found an option or options that match your payloads, get in touch and we can work through detailed requirements, specifications and a quote with you. If you are still unsure of what you need, no problem, our expert trailer experts are here to help.


Payload (Tonne) Prime Mover Tare Recommended
30 9 3 Rows of 4  - 3x4 Low Loader
33  9 2x8 Low Loader
35 10 Rows of 4  - 4x4 Low Loader
41 11 3x8 Low Loader
50 10 Rows of 4 - 4x4 Low Loader with 2 x 4 Dolly
44 11 4x8 Low Loader 
48 11 5x8 Low Loader (NSW)
63 11 3x8 Low Loader with 2x8 Dolly
66 11 4x8 Low Loader with 2x8 Dolly
70 12 6x8 Platform Multiline OR Modular
73 11 5x8 Low loader with 2x8 Dolly
81 11  5x8 Low loader with 2x8 Dolly (NSW)
90 12 8x8 Platform Multiline OR Modular 
92 12 6x8 Platform Multiline OR Modular with 2x8 Dolly
100 12 9x8 Platform Multiline OR Modular 
103 12 7x8 Platform Multiline OR Modular Option with 2x8 Dolly
113 12 8x8 Platform Multiline OR Modular Option with 2x8 Dolly
123 12 9x8 Platform Multiline OR Modular with 2x8 Dolly
  1. Weights shown are rounded to the nearest tonne and based on the Prime Mover.
  2. 5x8 Low loader recommendations are based on NSW weight restrictions
  3. The calculation includes the standard option TRT low loader weight.
  4. Additional features required, like double fold ramps, will affect the payload allowance. 

For New Zealand: Refer to the New Zealand Table Selector on TRT NZ's website for low loader recommendations - based on different dimensions and tolerances.

Our trailer manufacturers are based in NZ with support and service in Australia. Our Trailer manufacturing operation is certified to ISO 9001:2015, providing peace of mind for your investment. Our innovative transport solutions are industry-leading and backed by more than 50 years experience as trailer manufacturers. This quality is critical to ensure your trailer will meet (and in most cases exceed) your requirements.  This will also minimise payback. When you choose a trailer from TRT…it’s for the long haul.

Not sure which trailer and trailer options are the best for your payloads? Our experts can help!

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