The exceptional and versatile capabilities of TRT's ESS System make these trailers an unparalleled choice for complex tasks.

ESS Platform Trailers

TRT ESS Platform Trailers offer all axle steering up to 45° from the centre. TRT manufactures a diverse range of Lead trailers with multiple ESS Quick Connect Modules available to take your trailer right out to 14 lines.

Max Cranes Modular Platform Trailer 3

ESS House Trailers

TRT ESS House Trailers offer steering up to 35° on either side of straight ahead. TRT manufactures a diverse range of house trailers with optional ESS Quick Connect Modules for extended loads.

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Customer Testimonials
“What differentiates TRT’s Trailers from other machinery is the quality of their equipment along with their ability to custom build designs specific to our requirements."
Rob Beukers
Transport Manager Borger Cranes
“We have been using TRT’s ESS technology for over three years now. The steering geometry and maneuverability scope is 110% beyond expectations. We have more ability to access difficult sites compared to any other trailer in the market.”
Shane McDonald
Owner of McDonald Contracting Pty Ltd
"The exceptional and versatile capabilities of TRT’s ESS Modular Platform System makes these trailers an unparalleled choice for complex tasks. Their innovative configurations have made them the preferred solution over other options."
Conan Jenkins
Heavy Lift Specialist John Holland Group


TRT’s ESS or Electronic Steering System package provides the optimum steering geometry no matter what the length, empty or loaded.

In 2017 TRT started research and development on the idea/concept of electronically steered trailers. From there it has developed into the GEN4 software/system that is the trademark of our current ESS Trailers Today.

ESS stands for electronic steering system. This is not a new concept; it has been used in the construction/design of mobile and all-terrain cranes and SPMTs (Self-Propelled Modular Transporters) since the 1990s.


The system offers redundancies and backups for each of its key features. Essentially the trailer's computer system is detecting the offset angle created as the truck turns either left or right. These angle changes are picked up by encoders which are simply mechanical cogs connected to the slew ring mounted to the trailers skid plate.

These signals are sent to transducers which are housed within the steering ram of each axle leg. The signal tells the transducer where the hydraulic cylinder needs to displace the oil to achieve the correct angle demanded by the truck. This happens simultaneously, resulting in near-perfect steering geometry as the truck moves from A to B and onsite manoeuvring.

Patent Number: 201802100

If you are looking for more information or a quote call Jeremy Carden on +64 27 354 0329 or send a message below.



TRT has developed a product that will enable you to expand the trailer in the future to increase capability. Various axle modules can be added along with chassis inserts or our unique bolster system for travel in “beam mode”, WITHOUT compromising steering geometry. 

This style of trailer, which both widens and either extends in length is inherent in having the steering compromised in one configuration or the other. Other makes can only extend their trailers by adding axle sets which often aren’t required but are used simply to get deck length. That’s where our insert comes in. There is no need to spend hours or sometimes days (where multiple axle rows are coupled), to remove tie rods and reposition them to alter steering geometry. 

TRT now has a proven product operating that fixes the above steering issue.

No matter the length from the kingpin to the axle group, ESS provides an optimum swept path and zero tyre scrub. The flexibility of all axles steering allows you to get around any corner easily with your trailer at any length, any width, open or closed, empty or loaded.

This “live” system means that the operator driver can operate all functions (steering, suspension) without leaving the cab. Overall travel time is minimised, with major intersections, bridges, and overpasses being handled at speed with ease.


Quick connect

TRTs patented “Quick Connect” system

  • Patent Number: 201802100
  • Reconfigure a trailer into a completely different unit in 30 to 90 minutes depending on whether it’s a house or Platform trailer
  • Increase overall deck length and loading capacity 
  • Increase capability 
  • Overall combination reconfigures electronically to maintain perfect steering geometry and appropriate pivot points 
  • Maintains structural integrity across module joints

Fully Proportional Remote 

  • Remote with individual axle steering switches
  • Proportional suspension paddles
  • Work light/beacon switches
  • Powerpack start/stop control
steering geo

Optimal Steering Geometry

  • The system offers 35° steering on house trailers and 45° on platform trailers
  • Multiple steering modes are available to any operator using one of the TRT ESS Trailers
  • Normal Auto Steer: (commonly used for transiting locations)
  • Rear Axle Straight: Rear axle becomes the pivot point
  • Auto Crab Mode: The trailer will copy the truck angle
  • Manual Crab Mode: The Axles will have staggered steer angles front to rear as the trailer is crabbed over as the truck moves either forward or backward
  • Site Manual Mode: Complete operator manual control
  • Steer lock control: Maintain axle position on trailer start-up/shutdown