Grove Rough Terrain Cranes

Grove Real Tough!

Grove rough-terrain cranes are designed to handle the toughest site conditions. The performance, productivity and operator comfort allow your operators to work effectively for longer, with less fatigue. Combine these features with our reliability, easy maintenance, and quality features and you’ll agree that Grove rough-terrain mobile cranes are the right choice for your business.

  • Exclusive MEGAFORM boom design
  • Exclusive MEGATRAK suspension system
  • Manitowoc Crane Control System™ in most models
  • Tier 4i Mercedes diesel engine
  • Manitowoc Crane Care™ by TRT

Note: The Crane Control System™ offers a user-friendly interface, two full graphic displays mounted vertically for better visibility and a jog dial for easier data input.

RT530E 2 boom extended


  • Capacity: 30 t
  • Main Boom Length: 8.8 – 29.0 m
  • Max Tip Height: 44.5 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 27.4 tonne

The RT530E-2 now comes with the new Crane Control System. The RT530E-2 builds upon the durability and functionality of the RT530E-2 with a Tier IV compliant 164 hp QSB 6.7L Cummins diesel engine. A new load-sensing hydraulic system uses piston pumps for crane functions. The four-section, full-power boom is formed of high tensile steel to reduce weight while maximizing structural capacities.

RT540E side


  • Capacity: 40 t
  • Main Boom Length: 9.7 – 31.0 m
  • Max Tip Height: 46.9 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 19.34 t

The RT540E now comes with the new Crane Control System. The 40t RT540E provides optimal lifting capacity in a compact package. The four-section, full-power main boom extends to 102 ft. An 8’-6” chassis allows easy transport to jobsites.

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  • Capacity: 45 t
  • Main Boom Length: 9 – 39.0 m
  • Tip Height: 48.8 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 5 t

The NEW RT550E rough-terrain grove crane offers the highest capacity and the longest boom in its class. This crane's compact size and roadability make it suited to New Zealand conditions. This crane is also one of the first to feature Manitowoc's new standardised Crane Control System.

GRT655L 4


  • Capacity: 51 t
  • Main Boom Length: 8– 43.0 m
  • Tip Height: 59.7 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 6 t

The Grove GRT655L rough terrain crane leads its class with outstanding features that you can only find on larger cranes. Greaseless boom technology, a hydraulically tilting cab and class-leading chart capacities make this mobile crane a job site workhorse.

RT765E 2 rear side2


  • Capacity: 60 t
  • Main Boom Length: 11.0– 33.5 m
  • Max. Tip Height: 65.2 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 42.33 tonne

This 65 USt capacity RT grove crane shares the MEGAFORM™ boom shape found on GMK cranes, with full-power capability. Four wheel multi-mode steering and the Full Visions cab optimize mobility and operator confidence on the jobsite.

RT770E 4


  • Capacity: 65 t
  • Main Boom Length: 11.0– 42.0 m
  • Tip Height: 67.4 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 43.91 tonne

With the longest boom in its class, the Grove RT770E goes to great lengths to stand out in a crowd. The cutting-edge design of both the boom and the chassis makes the RT770E lighter and easier to transport while maximizing both structural capacity and stability.

GRT880 photo2


  • Capacity: 80 t
  • Main Boom Length: 12.6– 41.1 m
  • Tip Height: 68.0 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 52.45 tonne

The GRT880 improves the lateral strength of all boom sections by utilising the next generation in Grove’s formed boom technology. This crane has many other standard features including four main steering modes, full power synchronised telescoping boom and ergonomically designed crane controls.

For the GRT880 product guide please download it from the Manitowoc website 

Manitowac GRT8100 Outriggers 940x680


  • Capacity: 100 tonne
  • Main Boom Length: 12m – 47m
  • Max Tip Height: 73m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 54075kg

The GRT8100 comes with the new Crane Control System. The GRT8100 is built with a five-section, full-power boom that provides class-leading lifting performance. This combined with a strong permissible line pull, powerful hoists, Cummins QSB6.7L engine with ECO mode, load sensing hydraulic system, and Manitowoc’s Crane Control System (CCS) ensure that the GRT8100 will deliver unmatched efficiency on the job site.

Grove GRT8100 1 Cab Outriggers CC 940x680


  • Capacity: 100 tonne
  • Main Boom Length: 12m – 47m
  • Max Tip Height: 72.9m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 57220kg

The GRT8100-1 comes with the new Crane Control System. The crane integrates the wide cab and carrier of the GRT8120 with the superstructure of the GRT8100 to bring you improved operation, easier serviceability and added jobsite flexibility with the MAXbase outrigger system.

GRT8120 Grove Rough Terrain Crane image 940x680 v2


  • Capacity: 120 tonne
  • Main Boom Length: 11.3m – 60m
  • Max Tip Height: 80.8m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 58920kg

The GRT8120 is made with a seven-section, MEGAFORM™ boom with TWIN-LOCK™ boom pinning system. This amount of main boom length is typically reserved for rough terrain cranes in the 135 t - 150 t (150 USt -165 USt) class, however when combined with a compact carrier with dimensions of cranes in the 70 t- 90 t (80 USt- 100 USt) class, makes the GRT8120 a truly versatile crane that should be in every crane owners fleet.

RT9130E boom raised front


  • Capacity: 120 t
  • Main Boom Length: 12.8– 48.7 m
  • Tip Height: 85.0 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 78.81 tonne

The RT9130E-2 has an impressive 120 tonne capacity and a full vision cab that includes steel fabricated with acoustic lining and tinted safety glass throughout to keep the operator comfortable and maximize productivity with the ergonomically designed controls. Other impressive features include removable outrigger boxes and inverted outrigger jacks to protect cylinder rods on the job site.

RT9150E boom raised


  • Capacity: 135 t
  • Main Boom Length: 12.8– 60.0 m
  • Max. Tip Height: 95.1 m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 88.04 tonne

The RT9150E is the highest capacity rough-terrain grove crane currently in production. The 135 tonne capacity mobile crane features a 60m main boom, the longest of any rough-terrain crane. This crane is well suited for refineries, power plants and other large projects with heavy-duty lifting requirements in compact spaces.

GRT9165 image 01 side 940x680


  • Capacity: 150 tonne
  • Main Boom Length: 13.7m – 62.5m
  • Max Tip Height: 91.1m
  • Gross Vehicle Weight: 86550kg

The GRT9165 is built with a class-leading 62,5 m (205 ft) main boom, a new wider full-vision cab, an intuitive Crane Control System (CCS), reduced transport height, and best-in-class load charts the GRT9165 will be a valuable asset in any crane owners’ fleet. 

GRT8100 Features and Benefits

GRT8100 Features and Benefits



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