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TIDD Crane is leading innovation and safety for pick and carry cranes in Australia! There is no better time to invest in the upgraded TIDD PC28-2. We have new cranes available from March 2023. Order now for your next project!

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TIDD Crane  PC28-2

The Ultimate Pick and Carry Crane for Capability, Safety, Operator Comfort and Value!

The TIDD PC28-2 is the better pick and carry crane experience. No other articulating crane compares to the newly upgraded TIDD PC28-2 pick and carry crane. It is constructed using the highest quality components and prioritises safety throughout its revolutionary design features.

TIDD PC28-2 is designed and manufactured by TRT in our manufacturing facility using the highest quality components, and high tensile steel sourced from Sweden and Australia. It is designed to prioritise safety and performance throughout its design. 

  • European standard automotive finish
  • Outstanding turning radius of 44°either side of the centre
  • Smooth operator control

The TIDD PC28-2 is the right crane for a wide range of operating environments from construction and civil projects to mining and infrastructure and roading.


Key Features

The TIDD PC28-2 continues to be the standard in articulating crane safety. With a large number of class-leading features, this crane will help you get the job done and done more safely. 

  • Full power, 4 section telescopic boom
  • 75% stationery chart and 66% pick and carry chart
  • Ability to road its own 2.3t counterweight
  • Dynamic LMI automatically reduces the lift chart for side slope.
  • Ergonomic, ROPS cabin and 3-point safety belts for maximum driver safety
  • Slew Safe for outstanding operational safety
  • New optional 1.1t Superlift Counterweight for extra heavy lifts
  • Optional Traction Air® - crane tyre pressure control management for a constant 130 PSI no matter the site or lift

There are a huge number of optional features available with your TIDD crane to make it fit for purpose for any site requirements, including FOPs and automatic tyre pressure management with TRT's own Traction Air®.

Talk to us today about upgrading your next Pick and Carry Crane to a TIDD PC28, you will not be disappointed.


“We’ve been impressed with the performance of the TIDD. Its roadability is excellent, and it is a very comfortable drive. We’ve also been impressed with the crane’s compact nature.”

Chris Kolodziej, Managing Director of Cranes Combined


TIDD PC28-2 Upgraded Features

Leading from the front, TRT continues to enhance the overall TIDD Crane operator experience. The upgrades to the newly named TIDD PC28-2, are driven through TRT’s focus on continuous improvement, with consideration of industry and operator feedback.

  • Greater lift capacity with more powerful front suspension cylinders.
  • Improved Lift Control with an additional three steps on the TIDD PC28-2 load chart.
  • Improved Software Response with upgrades to the operating software.
  • Improved Operator Comfort with reduced ambient cabin noise.

For more information and a diagram of the new steps in the articulation points please download our series upgrade overview or contact one of our TIDD Crane experts.


TIDD PC28-2 Design Innovations from TRT

Slew Safe™

Exclusive to the TIDD Crane, Slew Safe™ significantly reduces the risk of pick and carry crane rollovers, which can be costly to operations.

M3 Superlift 2

Superlift Counterweight

The Superlift counterweight allows you to lift up to 12% heavier loads in both pick & carry and on stationary charts.

Operator Support

TIDD's exclusive familiarisation programme gives your operators access to crane experts 24/7.

TIDD Crane Brochure

Download the latest TIDD PC28-2 brochure with all of the latest safety features, options and specifications - including basic charts.

Gallery TIDD Screen

Traction Air ® - Crane Tyre Pressure Management

Exclusive to the TIDD PC28-2 Traction Air® tyre pressure management is TRT's latest innovation in crane safety.  Traction Air maintains a consistent 130 PSI on varying work surfaces and with varying load capacities. Traction Air is managed within the cab saving operator time and manual tyre pressure management for each job. Traction air is backed by a 3year, 500,000km warranty. Ask us how Traction Air can work on your new TIDD PC28.

> Download the Brochure

TIDD Crane - PC25

The TIDD PC25 incorporates the highest quality components with a special focus on safety as well. It comes standard with a Dynamic LMI, It is also available with Slew Safe, or retrofit Slew Safe to your PC25. We have new PC25 cranes available for delivery!

For more information about the TIDD crane give us a call 07 3890 8800, or use the link below to get in touch! 

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