Latest Model Crane


  • Cleaner
    Powered by the Cummins Euro 6 ISB6.7 Engine, the highest emission control diesel engine available.
  • Stronger
    With more powerful front suspension cylinders, lifting capacity has increased by an average of 17% when articulated or working on a side slope and in some cases by over 40% in lifting performance.
  • Safer
    The latest Allison Transmission with retarder, provides retardation-style braking capabilities delivering increased safety and control.

TIDD Pick & Carry Crane Innovation

Slew Safe™

Slew Safe® is an essential safety benefit that is included on all TIDD Cranes, delivering enhanced safety, risk management, and a strengthened sense of responsibility to operators, dogmen, crane owners, and site owners.

Superlift Counterweight

The Superlift counterweight allows you to lift up to 12% heavier loads in both pick and carry and on stationary charts. When fitted to the base of the 2.3t roadable counterweight, the optional 1.1t Superlift Counterweight simply and effectively increases the capacity of the crane.

TIDD Brochure

Download the latest brochure with all of the latest safety features, options and specifications - includes basic charts.

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Traction Air ® - Crane Tyre Pressure Management

Exclusive to the TIDD PC28-2 Traction Air® tyre pressure management is TRT's latest innovation in crane safety.  Traction Air maintains a consistent 130 PSI on varying work surfaces and with varying load capacities. Traction Air is managed within the cab saving operator time and manual tyre pressure management for each job. Traction air is backed by a 3year, 500,000km warranty. Ask us how Traction Air can work on your new TIDD PC28.

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The TIDD PC28-2 has an optional 1.1t Superlift Counterweight adding up to 12% to lift charts.

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“The boom has a lowered centre of gravity and the width of the crane has been reduced. It’s amazing how flexible the machine is and how easily we can get the TIDD into factories where space is limited, and tolerances are extremely tight. We think the TIDD is extremely well-built machine.”
Wayne Pickles
W.A Pickles
“Working with Tier One clients, we are obviously aware of the focus on pick and carries in general and the concerns around their safety specifically. You can take the machines to Tier One customers and demonstrate the risk mitigation of the PC28 with the safety features such as slew safe and additional load charts for static lifts and the other safety features which put the TIDD out in front in the pick and carry race at the moment.”
Adam Murrihy
AM Cranes
“The crane boasts an impressive load chart in a small package allowing us to go where other cranes cannot. The safety features and road safety suspension make this crane a favourite with our operators and our customers.”
Mark Kuhn
Max Cranes