Trailer Dolly

Increase your low loader payload with a dolly.

2x4 Dolly

Add this dolly to your rows of 4 trailer to increase payload.

2x8 Dolly

Standard & widening to suit rows of 8 low loader

Boom Dolly

Improve roadability & safety on large cranes!


Fabricated from High tensile steel to keep the tare weight to a minimum, TRT dollies are designed to increase your payloads to provide greater versatility when moving plant and equipment. There are a number of options that TRT has available.

Check out the low loader selector table to review the approximate payload increases with a dolly and different low loader options.

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Trailer Selector

Check out the payloads you can manage with a new dolly for your low loader!

If you are interested in increasing the payloads of your new or existing low loader give us a call or get in touch below.