Potain IGO Trailer

Crane mounted to Bogie

Crane mounted to Bogie

Potain Self Erecting Crane

Potain self erecting crane

Ready for transporting.

Ready for transporting

Skid plate fitted ready for towing.

Skid plate fitted ready for towing

Stabiliser legs at front

Stabiliser legs at front

Stabiliser legs at rear

Stabiliser legs at rear

This trailer has been specifically designed to transport a Potain Self Erecting Crane to and from site.

TRT have used their experience as the NZ Potain distributor to create the best transport option, improving roadability and site access and is available throughout Australasia.

The trailer system consists of a tandem Bogey set that is mounted under the rear of the crane, and a 5th wheel skid plate that fits to the front, for the truck to connect and tow from.

The rear bogey has outrigger legs fitted that will support the crane when being erected.

This self-contained trailer/crane system allows the operator to move the crane from site to site when they are ready, not having to wait for contractors.

View the drawings and specifications for each model below. if you would like more information or a quote, get in touch with one of our team. 

> Download IGO Drawings (PDF)

> Download IGO Specifications (PDF)