Crane Support Trailers


B Double Tandem

Skeletal B double design

B double Tri b - Double skeletal

B double safety handrails all round.

B Doubles Tri B Double Decked in

GMK6300 Counter

3 axle crane counterweight semi trailer

GMK5250 Wing Weight semi

3 axle crane wing weight semi trailer

Equipment trailer with safety handr

3 axle equipment semi trailer

A familiar problem that crane operators face is how all the ancillary equipment can be most efficiently transported to site, especially when the crane is a large 250t mobile crane with 100 plus tonne of counterweight, luffing fly and auxiliary equipment. All of which has to be transported to site before the crane can operate at full capacity.

To meet the specialised requirements of the crane industry, we have developed a range of purpose-built lightweight crane support trailers designed to securely transport counterweights and other crane components to the crane on site, in the right order to be deployed. 

  • A focus of safety features to improve outcomes 
  • Configured to suit specific cranes and operations
  • Dedicated load restraint mechanisms for counterweights
  • Covered in decks for load flexibility
  • Less damage from chains and dogs.

Crane support trailers are designed to suit any number of crane makes and models.

TRT are able to manufacture to suit varied cranes and set up requirements. View the drawings and specifications for each model below. 

GMK5250 Counter

Tri Axle Counterweight 'Slab" Semi Trailer

  • Low tare weight of 3800kg
  • Skeletal design
  • Easy load/unload with mounting brackets fitted.
  • Safety platforms and steps fitted

Fabricated using hi tensile steel to ensure a low tare weight to enable payloads of 30t. These trailers are designed with special mounting modules or Bollards to suit the Counterweight ‘Slabs’, safe and easy load/unload.

Fitted with Disc brake axles and Electronic brake system.

GMK5250 Wing Weight semi v2

Tri Axle Counterweight 'Wing Weight' Semi Trailer

  • Low tare weight of 3800kg
  • Skeletal design
  • 30t payload with Mass Management
  • Safety platforms and steps fitted

With a low tare weight, payloads up to 30t can be achieved. Special mounting modules to suit the Wing Weights are fitted to the skeletal frame, this ensures the weights are loaded in the same place each time and the trailer weighs out legally.

First trailer on site with Pads b

Tri Axle Equipment Semi Trailer

  • Low tare weight of 5100kg
  • Decked in for load flexibility
  • Purpose design mounting modules
  • Safety designed into trailer

Designed to be the first trailer on site to set up the crane. Usually loaded with Crane Outrigger pads, base plate and hook block. Specifically designed mounting brackets are fitted to the trailer to suit these components, that not only makes load/unload safe and easy, but ensures the trailer weighs out legally.


Tandem - B Double

Designed to support a larger crane where a number of counterweights are required on site at once. The trailer is fitted with special Bollards in the deck to locate the counterweight for transportation.

Safe and easy load/unload of weights with access to decks made safer with full handrail system.

Crane Counter weight B double

Tri - Double Decked In

These are designed to suit a large mobile crane, to transport to site all its counterweight, luffing fly jib and auxiliary equipment, necessary to operate the crane to its capacity more effectively than a fleet of flat deck semi trailers.

The decks are made safer with non slip surface and full handrail system.

Download more drawings for Equipment and Counterweight Tri Decked crane trailer options.

Accessability made easy safe with grab rails and step

Tri - Double Skeletal

Where access to the deck is not required and tare weight is at a premium, this skeletal design provides the answer in transporting counterweights and ancillary equipment to the crane.

Counterweights are securely locked in specially designed bollards or mounting modules, luffing fly jibs are transported on frames.


Draw TRT 3 Axle Equipment Semi Trailer W AU

> pdf (562 KB)

Drawing Crane B Bouble Tri Tri

> pdf (827 KB)

Spec TRT Tandem B double AU W

> pdf (110 KB)

Drawing TRT Tri Tri Skeletal B Double W

> pdf (966 KB)

Spec TRTTri Tri Decked In B Double AU W

> pdf (111 KB)

Spec TRT 3 Axle Crane Wing Weight W AU

> pdf (111 KB)

Spec TRT 3 Axle Counterweight Semi W AU v2

> pdf (111 KB)

Spec TRT 3 Axle Equipment Semi Trailer W AU

> pdf (111 KB)

Drawing TRT Tandem B Double Rev A

> pdf (878 KB)

Spec TRT Tri Tri Crane B Double AU W

> pdf (112 KB)

Draw TRT 3 Axle Crane Wing Weight W AU

> pdf (721 KB)

Draw TRT 3 Axle Counterweight Semi W AU v2

> pdf (705 KB)

For advice on the best crane support trailer options, give one of our experienced team a call on 07 3890 8800.