Platform Trailers

Patented technology and world-leading innovation means flexibility and economy - we build them for the long haul!

Multi-line Platforms

In 6 to 9 line configurations, built for the largest loads!

Modular Platforms

A world-first design for maximum versatility!

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Electronic Steering System

ESS is the latest innovation in low loader capability from TRT.

Quick Connect System

Connect your platform trailer modules in 20 mins or less with TRT's new Module technology!

If you’re moving loads larger than 100 tonne then you are going to need a platform trailer to move it.


TRT have a platform trailer design to suit your operation. Our platform trailers are available as both multi-line and TRT’s world first Bluetooth® operated modular design for extreme loads and extreme flexibility! 

Modular trailers are able to be manufactured in various module sizes and configurations. Both standard multiline and the NEW modular platform design are available in a range of sizes from 6x8 to 10x8 or more. They are constructed using high tensile steel to achieve a strong robust trailer while keeping the tare weight to a minimum. These now feature TRT's lastest electronic steering technology.



Platform Trailer Features


Our platform low loader trailers are designed with our trademark key features and patented innovations.  These have all been designed to improve load safety and manoeuvrability, creating a versatile trailer that has a great return on investment. 

Designed to steer forwards and backward, with all axles able to steer, these trailers are very manoeuvrable despite their length and width. 

The double acting hydraulic suspension provides increased stability, which is critical when moving these larger payloads. The 650mm of travel in the suspension keeps each wheel on the ground which means that the size and length is not a problem when navigating rough and undulating terrain or moving on-highway to off-highway.

We provide an option without a centre spine, which lets the trailer travel with a closed width of 3.1m.

View the drawings and download specifications for both modular and multi-line options.


For a platform trailer designed for your operation, give us a call 07 3890 8800 or send us a message.

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