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"I appreciated your involvement throughout the process from start to finish. As you were aware, the operators took a bit of convincing at the start. I have received a few emails from our people stating how good a trailer it is."  Greg Hughes, TransGrid - NSW  3x4 Low Loader

Delivery Schedule

From November 2018, delivery ex Brisbane:

Trailer Description Delivery Schedule 
3x4 Low Loader from 3 to 4 months
4x4 Low Loader from 3 to 4 months
Rows of 8 from 4 months
Platform Trailers from 5 months
Dolly from 2 to 3 months
House Trailers from 4 months
Crane Trailers from 3 months
  • Times are based on standard designs and specifications as shown on this website, please refer to the product pages.
  • Delivery timeframes may be impacted by the number of options and extras selected
  • Trailers that require modifications to the existing trailer designs will require additional time for the design process

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3x4 Low Loaders

For plant equipment and machinery
Axle & deck widening, mid tipping, available with steer.

4x4 Low Loaders

Most popular!
Axle & deck widening, mid tipping with a huge range of options.

3x8 4x8 & 5x8

Swing Wing, Widening, Drop Wells and Box Beam. We have a wide range of options including clip-on modules for greater payloads!

Platform Low Loaders

For the largest payloads! Check out the latest modular platform designs & our new steering technology!


Increase your float payload with a dolly! Widening or fixed width, 2x4 & 2x8...

House Trailers

Using the latest in electronic steering technology 2.5m and 3m wide. Super low option available!



How can we delivery when others can't?

TRT owns its entire trailer manufacturing process in-house.  From raw materials supply, and our state of the art plant to our in-house design team and fabrication experts, we don't rely on 3rd party delivery timelines or contractors to get your trailer to you.  We easily scale our operations to meet demand.

TRT trailers, low loaders, house trailers, platform trailers, crane trailers, and dollies are spec'ed to perform, manufactured from high-quality materials and components that are designed to fit your operation to be with you ... for the long haul! 


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All you need to know is the size of your payloads and the tare of your Prime Mover. Options, features, specifications, and drawings are linked within the table!

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