Big Bird Bridging the Gap

31 March 2023
Big Bird Transporting Bridge Sydney Hero
Witness the impressive performance of the popular Big Bird 11-line TRT Trailer as it transports a mammoth 130-tonne bridge section, measuring 20 metres long x 9.5 metres wide, along Qantas Drive in Mascot, Sydney.
This remarkable move was accomplished by the talented team from McDonald Contracting Pty Ltd, working alongside Borger Cranes who have been sub-contracted by John Holland to move these bridge sections. It's great to see two of TRT’s customers working hand in hand to achieve the same goal.
Borger Cranes Terex Demag CC2800-1 600 tonne Crawler Crane was skillfully utilised to hoist and load the bridge module onto the trailer.
McDonald Contracting’s 11-line TRT ESS Modular platform Trailer was configured as a 4x8 Lead Trailer, 5x8 ESS module and a 2x8 ESS module.
According to John Holland Group's Heavy Lift Specialist, Conan Jenkins, the exceptional and versatile capabilities of TRT’s ESS Modular Platform System makes these trailers an unparalleled choice for complex tasks. Their innovative configurations have made them the preferred solution over other options.
John Holland Group's Senior Heavy Lift Engineer, Sergio Rueda uses TRT’s ESS Modular Platform Trailer capabilities and steering geometry when planning transport solutions.
TRT's ESS - Electronic Steering System is available in our Modular Platform and House Trailer range. Every axle is controlled individually via a computer system that detects any offset angle between the trailer’s gooseneck slew-ring connection and the truck's 5th wheel. This is translated into hydraulic oil movement within the steering ram of each axle leg, thus maintaining near-perfect steering geometry.
Multiple steering modes are available to any operator using one of our TRT ESS Trailers
. Normal Auto Steer (commonly used for transiting locations)
. Rear Axle Straight
. Auto Crab Mode
. Manual Crab Mode
. Site Manual Mode
Watch more of Big Bird in action at our live TRT Trailer Demonstration event:
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