Commitment to Recovery after Cyclone Gabrielle

12 April 2023
Hero 700 x 355

One of our New Zealand customers Prestige Building Removals was transporting a brand-new transportable home when cyclone Gabrielle hit, and unfortunately lost one of their TRT House Moving Trailers and the house it was transporting.

The cyclone definitely did some damage to the TRT 4axle ESS House Trailer and the brand-new Advantage Designer home (ADH) it was carrying. However, through relentless hard work, community support, and a team that does not give up PBR worked tirelessly to salvage the trailer and bring it home.

TRT and PBR are committed to focussing on the recovery and refurbishment of their TRT ESS Trailer. It's currently back at TRT’s manufacturing facility in Hamilton and the team has examined the damage done to the trailer. Although the trailer was in the middle of this catastrophic weather event the structural integrity of the trailer is still intact. The refurbishment will include a complete strip down of all hydraulics, electrics, pneumatics, power pack, axles, and suspension.

Nevertheless, it is a commitment of TRT to get this trailer back to fully working and operational condition as soon as possible. It will go out the door again to its customers in perfect factory functioning condition.

It was a heartbreaking moment for our customers but TRT is committed to providing the best service and products to our clients, and we'll do everything we can to overcome the challenges that come our way.