Northfleet Is Ready For Any Job At Any Time

30 June 2023
Northfleet Hero

One of the key reasons being the high-quality equipment they operate. Their new combination of TRT Transport Solutions is the perfect addition to their fleet offering excellent manoeuvrability and reliability especially as they expand their presence from Perth to the Pilbara region.

To bolster their capabilities, Northfleet has recently integrated a selection of new TRT Trailers into their fleet.

These additions include a 4x8 Swing Wing float + 2x8 Widening Dolly, this 100-tonne combination is very popular throughout Western Australia. This TRT Trailer and Dolly was delivered to Northfleet in November 2022 and hasn’t missed a beat since.

Another two TRT Transport solution combinations which include a 4x8 Swing Wing Float + 2x8 Widening Dolly and 4x4 Quad Axle Widening Float + 2x4 Dolly will be delivered to Northfleet early next month in Perth.

Manufactured with TRT's compensating gooseneck and nitrogen-filled accumulators, these trailers are purposefully engineered to withstand the demanding terrain of Western Australia and the Pilbara region.

Equipped with double-acting cylinders, both the trailers and dollies manufactured by TRT ensure that operators can swiftly alter the pivot point of the trailer on-site. This feature enables efficient tire changes or replacements, as well as the ability to effortlessly raise, lower, and lock off ramps at any desired angle. This level of versatility and functionality enhances operational convenience for Northfleet and ensures smooth operations in diverse operational environments.

Northfleet can be confident in their decision to partner with TRT, knowing they can rely on exceptional parts and service support.

TRT's two product support agents located in WA, Ronco Group and Complete Crane Solutions (CCS) provide full backup sales, service, and parts support when needed.

If you're interested in a quote or would like to chat with someone regarding our TRT Trailers, you can contact Jeremy Carden on +64273540329 or email