TRT - Fifty years of constant growth

28 February 2018
TRT Fifty years of growth

Careful planning, good timing and a will to take on the big challenges have seen TRT – Tidd Ross Todd Ltd – hit half a century of constant growth.

TRT’s history, 50 years of it, is one of courage, camaraderie, and common sense.

Courage, because TRT is among the most innovative trailer builders New Zealand has produced and is one of only a few – so far – to successfully take on the Aussies; camaraderie because that was at the root of how the company started and is still a guiding principle; and common sense because the founding fathers had it, forged their company from it, and subsequent generations never lost sight of it.

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To find out more about TRT's History take a closer look at the Company timeline and more of the photos from the past 50 years or watch the video below.


A look at the past 50 years at TRT.

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