Up, on, and out – TRT House jacks keep you moving!

22 April 2024

Drawing from over 57 years of experience in manufacturing transport solutions for the house moving industry, TRT knows what it takes to get buildings from A to B rapidly and safely. 

TRTs “HI-JACK” Double-Acting Hydraulic House Jacking Plants do exactly that.

These are all manufactured 100% in-house, precision made, and made to last, at our head office and manufacturing facility, in Hamilton, New Zealand.

House jacking systems are essential for house relocation. Site teams prepare buildings for re-location by elevating them with house jacks in preparation for the trailer's arrival on-site.

Once the trailer is positioned beneath the building, TRT's Double-Acting House Jacks can either be lowered or the trailer can be raised to take the weight of the building off the house jacks. This streamlined process reduces downtime for the truck and trailer, resulting in faster turnaround and increased productivity for operators.

A worker standing next to a TRT house jack, operating it with a handheld remote

By using TRT Double-Acting House Jacks multiple buildings can be raised using the one Jacking Plant.

John Kirby, one of our Assembly Team Leaders, is seen here assembling and testing a set of 12, 4-tonne house jacks for Northern Rivers Stumping, based out of Lismore, NSW.

These 4-tonne house jacks have a standard stroke of 1400mm, with the jacks “toe” sitting at 75mm above ground level.

This Jacking plant has been designed to run off the customers’ existing Toro Mini-loader as its hydraulic pump/power source, saving the customer in overall cost. These Jacks also operate via radio remote keeping personnel requirements once set up to a bare minimum.

Typically, a petrol or 3-phase electric powerpack propels the hydraulics, but it can also be set up to link directly to your existing machinery, as demonstrated with this Northern Rivers Jacking Plant.

A blue jacking plant, with hydraulic hosed leading to all of the house jacks

To commence the lift, the low-pressure pump valve is engaged to ensure all of the jacks “toes” make contact under the building, automatically aligning them beneath the house for removal. Once all Jacks are contacting the structure, the operator engages the high-pressure pump valve, facilitating the lifting of the building.

TRT offers the option of a double-acting system in lieu of single-acting Jacks. 

This double-acting system allows for both powered upward and downward movements. This is a safer and more controlled solution, enabling individual jack control when working with buildings consisting of odd shapes or uneven weight distribution.

“Hi-Jack” Jacking Plants range from 6 to 20 Jacks, with sets of 8,10,12, or 16 Jacks being common.

TRT offers either 4-tonne or 10-tonne capacity Jacks.

If you're interested in a quote or would like to chat with someone regarding our TRT House Jacks, you can contact Jeremy Carden at +64273540329 or email jeremyc@trt.co.nz.