Porter TIDD Loading 2 4 2018

Porter TIDD Loading

TIDD PC25 Lift - NZ

TIDD PC25 Lift

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TIDD PC25 Lift

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Porter TIDD Loading

Lift and shift loads up to 25t safely with this capable workhorse. The TIDD Crane - PC25 non slewing crane has been designed and manufactured by TRT with extensive industry and operator input and is the safest crane in its class. 

  • Dynamic LMI for improved load management
  • Slewing up to 42° for max manoeuvrability onsite
  • Small 2.5m footprint to move and set up in tight spaces
  • Side slope and steering articulation de-rating
  • Ability to road its own counterweight
  • Superior lift with high tensile steel boom
  • Load-sensing hydraulic pump for increased function 
  • ROPS for maximum driver safety
  • TRT's patented Slew Safe for maximum safety - Optional

The TIDD Crane has the highest main boom tip height in its class at 19.14m. Fitted with a superior Telecylinder that holds 20 tonne and tele’s at 17 tonne. It has a manual boom extension rated at 8.5 tonne.

The TIDD Crane is manufactured under ISO 9001: 2015

M17 Articulation


This is a small light manoeuvrable crane, with the smallest footprint in its class

  • Wheel Base: 4.4m 
  • Width: 2.5m 
  • 3 step articulation
  • 42° Slewing combined with a short forward projection


M17 Technology

Focus on Safety

Safety is no accident. The TIDD PC25 is designed to provide outstanding performance while providing optimum operator safety both on the road and operating on the job site. The safety features have been designed in consultation with industry where safety is paramount! Safety features include:

  • New Slew Safe
  • Robway LMI System
  • Automatic side slope derating
  • ROPS (Rollover protection system)
  • ABS braking system
  • Power steering

“The rollover protection cabin is a significant benefit to all industries, particularly mining. The PC25 finish is like a European Truck. They’re really well finished, far superior to most things made in Australia.” - Albert Smith, Group Managing Director, Universal Cranes

M17 Automatic side slope de rating

Automatic Side Slope Derating

This serious safety feature is exclusive to TRT's TIDD Crane which allows safer operation on uneven job site surfaces than any other crane in its class!

Automatic side slope and steering articulation derating are standard on the TIDD Crane set at

  • 0° - 10°
  • 11° - 20°
  • 21° - 42°

Please refer to the lifting charts for more information.

M17 Boom End

Main Boom

Lift capacity where it's needed.

  • Highest main boom tip in its class 19.14m
  • The manual boom extension is rated at 8.5t
  • Boom luffs from-6° up to 65°
  • 25t capacity

The high-tensile steel boom gives superior strength and a lower COG, allowing it to achieve superior lift charts. 

M17 Steering and suspension

Steering and Suspension

Steering and suspension features include TIDD hydropneumatic front suspension with lock-out for maximum stability when lifting loads. The 15t rated capacity leaf suspension at rear and the variable ratio steering system delivers outstanding handling and steering response ON and OFF Highway. The emergency steering back-up pump is driven mechanically from the Cushman transfer case for improved safety. Other features include:

  • Kessler Hub Reduction Drive Axles
  • Mechanically driven emergency steering pump operates without electrical power
  • Front diff lock
  • Wabco ABS Brakes for improved driver safety
  • Spare wheel mounted under chassis at rear (no heavy lifting)
  • Optional automatic tyre pressure control system 
M17 Drivetrain


Drivetrain features include:

  • Mercedes-Benz OM906 206kW Engine
  • Allison World Series 3000 Auto Transmission matched to a
  • 2 speed Cushman transfer case to optimise driveline angles.

All regular servicing is undertaken from one side with safety rails standard.

M17 Cab


The cab features have been specifically designed to enhance capability and driver comfort 

  • Genuine ROPS Cabin
  • Airconditioning
  • First in its class to offer the dual door for operator and dogman
  • Emergency stops in cab
  • Reversing camera with optional winch rope camera
  • Cooler drawer (fridge) under seat
  • Premium air suspension seats with integrated safety belts 
  • Optional sunroof for load visibility
M17 Storage


Designed with the operator and dogman in mind.

  • Generous storage space
  • Crane hooks lower rigging directly into lockers
  • Dry storage for slings and webbing 
  • Full pallet space on left-hand side of the cabin for additional equipment.


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TIDD Crane PC25 Load Chart P3089C15

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Slew Safe Brochure 2018 small

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TIDD Crane PC25 range

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TIDD Sales Brochure

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Testimonial - TIDD PC25

Testimonial - TIDD PC25

TIDD PC25  - Roadable Counterweight

TIDD PC25 - Roadable Counterweight


We have an extensive support programme in place across Australia and NZ with agents and our own crane and service repair networks and a great warranty programme.

  • We offer recommended maintenance and service plans
  • We have a network of authorised repair facilities
  • We stock a full range of parts for service and repair.
  • As the OE manufacturer, we guarantee our workmanship


All service requirements should be carried out at an authorised TIDD Crane repair facility due to the technical aspects of the unit. We recommend standard daily and weekly maintenance checks are carried out and a 250-hour maintenance schedule is undertaken.

Contact us if you would like to know more about service and maintenance. 


As an OE manufacturer, we stock all TIDD Crane parts to support our authorised repair network across Australia and NZ.

We only use quality components in the manufacture of the TIDD Crane. These parts and components are also industry standard construction and crane machinery components to ensure the whole of life serviceability of the Crane, offering peace of mind along with all of the operating benefits when you purchase a TIDD Crane.


The TIDD crane has a standard warranty offering:

  • 12 month warranty on components
  • 5 year structural warranty

We have an easy to use warranty process, especially as you are able to deal directly with the manufacturer.

Contact us if you would like a copy of the TIDD Crane warranty.


To find out how the TIDD will work for your operation, give us a call on 07 3980 8800 or contact us below!