Slew Safe®  - Exclusive to TIDD Crane

Class leading safety innovation for the TIDD Crane, which turns the corner on pick and carry crane operator safety.

Australian Innovation Patent number: 741038

Slew Safe has been designed to save lives. Standard on all new and PC28-2 cranes and able to be retrofit onto all existing TIDD PC28's and PC25's.  The TIDD crane is the only pick and carry crane with this level of safety. 

Slew Safe delivers peace of mind for drivers, dogman, crane owners and site owners, with improved safety, risk management and duty of care, supporting safer outcomes across main industry sectors.

Slew Safe has been specifically designed to prevent rollovers and works with a number of features including audible alarms, LMI warnings and power steering is restricted to 15% to prevent further slewing.

It simply and effectively allows the TIDD Crane operator to pick and carry a load knowing that they will be warned and restricted if they get into a situation that triggers an overload notification.

Is your current pick and carry crane future-proofed for this level of safety already demanded by many Teir 1 sites? Talk to our experts about the advantages of improved levels of safety control.

How Slew Safe® Works

When the crane is operated in the GREEN and AMBER areas of the lifting chart, Slew Safe™ will remain inactive.

When the crane in operation moves from green and amber to RED, this is an overload notification based on the lifting chart.  This will activate Slew Safe™.



Activation of Slew Safe®

Once Slew Safe is activated it will do the following:

  • Show a visible warning on the ECU
  • Reduce the speed of the power steering to 15% in the unsafe direction
  • Makes steering harder with instant feedback through the steering wheel to operator
  • The engine will “load up” making an audible sound change for operator
  • Constant audible alarm both inside and outside the cabin to warn the operator and dogman of overload

 Image: Slew Safe activation shown on the TIDD Crane ECU

Slew Safe activated and shown on TIDD PC28 ECU Screen


Download the TIDD Crane Slew Safe Brochure